Mark Jones: Superhero – Superspeed


Mark Jones, Kung-Fu Monkey, The Powers Booth and all other characters featured in this cartoon strip © Richard Reynolds 2013

So I put this proposal together for a British anthology comic aimed at kids, called The Phoenix, where each week a boy would get a different superpower, but rather than saving the world he’d always discover the detrimental effect of the superpower. That, along with all the humorous little idiosyncrasies I wanted to weave into the storytelling, I thought was a pretty fun concept, Mark Jones: Superhero was born, and after putting together the first episode I assumed I was on to a winner.

Unfortunately The Phoenix passed on my proposal and as I can’t think of any other publication that features this kind of short form, silly material (please feel free to email me with any such information) I thought I’d go ahead and put it on the St. Shawshank’s page, adding more strips as and when I can find the time.

I really like it and I hope you do too. In future strips you can look forward to seeing how useless other superpowers are, meet other heroes and villains  of Mark’s weird world and there might even be a few secret origins on the cards.

The Great Time Travel Debate

The Great Time Travel Debate is another short strip by myself and artist, Lyndon Webb, from our self published comic, Retarded. It’s a fun wee skit and generally encapsulates my theories on the limitations on time travel. See what you think, join the debate.

The Great Time Travel Debate and Retarded © Richard Reynolds and Lyndon Webb 2010.

A Brief Night At the Space Fights

Written by myself and illustrated by the talented Mr Lyndon Webb, A Brief Night At the Space Fights is another short from our self published sci-fi anthology comic, Retarded. Art and design wise this is my favourite story of the bunch, so I hope you enjoy it too.

Retarded and A Brief Night At the Space Fights © Richard Reynolds and Lyndon Webb 2010.

Laying In Wait

A few years ago I self published a comic to sell at the Leeds Thought Bubble sequential arts festival, with my good friend Lyndon Webb. Lyndon is a far superior artist to me so he handled the art duties while I did the writing. It was a sci-fi/comedy anthology called Retarded (classy, right!?) and Laying In Wait was the first story. Enjoy.

Retarded & Laying In Wait © Richard Reynolds and Lyndon Webb 2010-2012