Ellis Tells Some Jokes

tells some jokesYaaaay, it’s a happy ending, Ellis get the last laugh.

I say “ending”, dear readers, because this is the very last ‘Other Tales From St. Shawshank’s’ of the series, as next week we’ll be business as usual with Episode 40, followed by our first and only ever gap week so I can get some extra time before the series goes weekly with Episode 41 (one episode ahead of my previously mentioned schedule), and let me tell you, folks, there’s some epic stuff ahead.

I started ‘Other Tales…’ as a way of filling out the bonus material week with material that I could throw together much faster than the main story, but I ended up having great fun with it, and I think that shows. It became a place I could explore the personalities of our lead players out of the confines of the set narrative, which was great, but even better was that it became a place for much needed levity when the story proper took a turn for the serious.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these shenanigans as much as I’ve enjoyed putting them together, who knows, maybe when the series is done, I’ll knock out a few more.