Watching Some Film

filmIt’s been a busy old time lately, so I only had time to put this fun pin-up together for this week’s bonus material, which I hope you like.

But wait, there’s more, and it’s big news.

It’s some time away yet, but as of episode 42 St. Shawshank’s goes weekly.

This story was alway meant to be finite and I knew it would take around two years, but the closer I get to writing those final episodes, the more I feel the end is going to need some urgency and momentum to retain the pacing, it’s the most important part of the story and I think it deserves that extra push of effort.

Exciting stuff, I’m getting emotional just thinking about it.


G-Man Crossover by Richie


It gives me great pleasure to present the first St. Shawshank’s crossover in this pin-up, and it is with the boys from Chris Giarrusso’s G-Man comic.

Chris has been a friend to St. Shawshank’s since day one, passing on helpful advice and promotion were he can, he even supplied a pin-up for the site. It pleases me then to offer a bit of counter-promotion.

May sees the release of the third volume in Chris’s G-Man series – G-Man: Home Coming. For my money G-Man is the best all ages comic on the market, it’s genuinely hilarious and home to such effortlessly brilliant cartooning as make any other cartoonist more than a little rageful at their own inadequacy.

So go get a copy of Home Coming pre-ordered for your local comic retailer or from your favoured online bookstore or even from Chris’s excellent dedicated website, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. I also highly recommend the first two volumes of G-Man along with the fantastic volumes of Chris’s other great work, Mini Marvels.


Merry Christmas

Hey gang, be you of the Christian faiths, atheists and agnostics who enjoy the time off work or of other religions that quite like all the nice lights at this time of year, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

If you’re a regular reader I would like to thank you for your ongoing support. The comic is starting to get a respectable readership at this point, around 5,000 unique visitors per month, but it’s you guys who return with each new episode that makes it worth my time getting the story done. I’d love to bring you the episodes weekly but doing it alone and with a full time job and other projects on the go makes it a little difficult (contact me via email if you wanna donate me a year’s salary so’s I can do this full time).

I hope you’re enjoying the bonus material in the intervening weeks, which include pin-ups like this, quicky, single page gags and such. If you’re an artist and would like to send a pin-up please feel free, you can email me via the contact button above (hopefully).

Anyways, you’ll be getting another episode before Christmas proper and for new years eve I’m prepping a very special ‘Making Of’ feature that will go into all the ins and outs of  producing the average episode.

So, thanks again, keep reading and keep spreading the word. Big Love!

Students and Teachers by Rick Cortes

I am very pleased to have a second pin-up by a gen-u-ine arty professional. This fantastic wee number is by California based VFX artist and all around illustrator type-person, Rick Cortes.

I love this piece for the very reason that I wanted to start doing guest pin-ups in the first place, to see what results come from other artists with the same basic ingredients. Rick’s illustration has recognisable elements of my own character designs, hints of the original characters from the film and lashings of his own unmistakable style. If I could’ve convinced Rick to illustrate this baby from the start it would probably be being published by Dark Horse by now… damn his busy eyes!

As well as being the lead visual effects artist for FX company MFX, where he does excellent work for such shows as Dexter, Rick is also a storyboard artist, character designer and all round illustration guru. If you wanna check out some of the cool stuff that his brain vomits out through his drawing hand, check out his blog,  Bulljive. He also contributes to the hilarious animated web-series Dr Tran, which you should also check out!